Accounting Essay Audit NO. 6

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Review the auditing case study below and then write a 3 to 4 page essay answering the questions, found attached below be sure to review attached documents.


 Then address the three questions below – based on the following information:


  • Assume that you have been assigned to the audit of Keystone after audit planning has occurred. Review the planning information attached below.
  • Review the audit program for the accounts receivable and revenue attached below .
  • The manager on the engagement has given you the task of reviewing the monthly revenue report attached below.




  • Based on your review of the report, describe any unusual relationships that might indicate a risk of misstatement of revenues based on your knowledge of the company derived from a review of the information in the Audit Plan.
  • Identify any procedures on the audit program tor receivables and revenue that might address the risk(s) identified in A above
  • Design two other procedures that would address the risk(s) identified in A, above.


 Be sure your essay is well written and in APA format.


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