Religious Studies Reflection around 500words

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watch this video write around 500 words ORIGINAL relection.

Here is detail need to know.

After watching lecture, prepare to compose a short piece of reflective writing in response to the lecture’s key ideas and concepts. The basic question you should address is: â€œHow do appearances and presumptions about certain groups or social categories differ from the actual reality of people’s lives ?” Your reflection should be written in paragraph form (min. 500 words; no maximum), and should express your own original thoughts and ideas. For inspiration, you should consider applying one (or more) of the following approaches, based on the different dimensions of  lecture:

Reflect/Recall how you have experienced the impact or inaccuracy of stereotypes, generalizations, assumptions, or stigmas;

Analyse/Examine how stereotypes, generalizations, assumptions, or stigmas relate to a social science issue of your choice;

Evaluate/Interpret the way a story, show, play, book, or movie has meaningfully commented on the problems associated with stereotypes, generalizations, assumptions, or stigmas.


Rubric Name: Reflection Rubric


The reflection shows an exemplary level of effort and thoughtfulness, and ideas or insights are expressed with great sophistication and detail.

The reflection demonstrates a great level of thought and consideration, and ideas or insights are expressed clearly.

The reflection answers the question or addresses the topic, and expresses good ideas and insights, albeit with a bit less detail or polish than might have been expected.

The reflection fulfils the basic requirements by addressing the question or topic, but is very brief, unclear, or otherwise underdeveloped.

The reflection does not fulfil the basic requirements by sufficiently addressing the question or topic; it is problematically brief, unclear, or otherwise underdeveloped.

The reflection has severe problems of length, quality, or clarity that suggest the need for the student to contact the TA or instructor to make sure that guidelines are clearly understood.

Overall Score

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