Week 5 Assignment ” Short Turnaround”

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Week 5 – Assignment


Do the following:

Employee Health, Safety and Security are important in the healthcare workplace. Healthcare providers must protect their employees but also their patients from the hazards in the workplace. For this week’s assignment you will write a 500 word essay discussing the concepts of employee health, safety and security. Your essay should include:

  1. A general discussion of each of these concepts.
  2. A discussion of who is affected by each of these concepts and the impact of failure to provide a healthy, safe and secure work environment.
  3. Examples of programs employed to create healthy, safe and secure work environments.

Support your position by citing the text or other researched sources. Be sure to identify all sources.

Be sure to:

  1. Present your easy in the proper essay format for an academic exercise.
  2. Submit an essay free of spelling errors and use correct grammar.
  3. Support your conclusion with examples or cite researched sources.

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