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An APA formatted Annotated Bibliography of 6 peer-reviewed, evidence-based academic journal articles is required by the end of Week 4. This assignment requires a properly formatted title page, abstract and a Reference citation for each article followed by a brief summary (or “annotation”) of what it is about.  An annotated bibliography is more than a list of articles; that is what would go on a paper References page.  Each article listing in an bibliography must be followed by a brief paragraph summarizing its contents (i.e., who subjects were, what data was collected, what was found and limitations of the study.) 

Be sure to read this week’s class announcement for additional tips on how to write an annotated bibliography. Make sure the citation and annotation are in APA Style, 6th edition.

Full text PDF copies, not library links or abstracts, of the 6 articles selected for the bibliography must be attached to its assignment page no later than the Annotated Bibliography deadline.  The assignment tab is set to accept multiple attachments so you should not have problems with attaching the PDF copies as long as you attach them one at a time and click “Submit” after each attachment. Log out and back in each time if necessary to attach articles one at a time. I will NOT accept articles or papers submitted as an attachment in an email unless previously agreed upon.




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