RELG 2101 Week 8

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For each story, you will write a short review of how the story exemplifies, develops, or extends the themes of the course. Then you will recommend one for inclusion in this course the next time it is offered (or argue why none of them should be included).  As you consider these stories, remember what was said about implicit and explicit religion at the start of the course.

Your essay should follow this outline. 1500 words minimum. Can be longer.

    • Introduction
      • What stories have you read?
      • What is the overall direction of your essay?
    • Body
      • Review each story (should be at least one long paragraph per story).
      • Draw comparisons among the stories as you proceed.
      • Avoid giving lengthy plot summaries.
    • Conclusion
      • What story do you recommend?
      • Why (or why not)?
      • How will it add to/improve the course?

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