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Review the criteria and provided scenarios for the Recovery Plan, and Select one scenario to respond to with minimum of 3 pages. Must provide 3 scholarly references in APA.



Chemical Scenario: Chemical Attack on the Super Bowl

 The New England Patriots are taking on the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl, located in the Louisiana Superdome. The Superdome’s capacity for a football game is approximately 72,000; and the stadium is packed to capacity with excited football fans.

 At the beginning of the second quarter fans report a bitter almond smell coming from both the men and women’s bathrooms. Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), a colorless gas form of cyanide, has been released into the stadium via the vents in the Stadium bathrooms. Fans that have visited the bathrooms are experiencing the worst symptoms, while all fans and players are beginning to display symptoms of cyanide poisoning.

Create a recovery plan based on this scenario, which is specific to a chemical attack. Address all of the necessary criteria for the Recovery Plan as it relates to this chemical scenario.


Biological Scenario: Biological attack in the US Congress

The US Congress consists of three Senate Office Buildings and three House Office Buildings, in addition to the Capital building. The Rayburn House Office Building has a large cafeteria, which primarily consists of a generous salad bar and a few food stations that offer hot items. This cafeteria is open to Members of Congress, Congressional staffers, and visitors, including lobbyists and constituents.

 After the cafeteria has closed for the afternoon, Capital Police receive a phone call informing them all food in the Rayburn cafeteria was tainted with clostridia, which is a major source of botulinum toxin.

Create a recovery plan based on this scenario, which is specific to a biological attack. Address all of the necessary criteria for the Recovery Plan as it relates to this biological scenario.


Radiological Scenario: A Dirty Bomb in the Mall of America

It is the day after Thanksgiving, commonly referred to as Black Friday in America, and the busiest shopping day of the year. The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is crowded with eager shoppers. The Santa Clause exhibit, which allows young children to have their picture taken with Santa, is equally crowded. A substantial number of parents and children have formed a line to wait for a picture with Santa.

One of the props used in the Santa exhibit, a large gift package, suddenly explodes. In addition to unusual metal debris being thrown from the package, there are glowing particles surrounding the blast site. Additional materials seem to be emitting heat, but with no direct heating source.

People of all ages have been injured by the explosion. Some victims even display signs of burns. Obviously individuals closest to the explosion are at the most risk for exposure, but the Mall was very crowded before the explosion.

Create a recovery plan based on this scenario, which is specific to a radiological attack. Address all of the necessary criteria for the Recovery Plan as it relates to this Radiological scenario.



The Recovery Plan should contain the following criteria:

1.       Explain the specific agent used in the attack and the effects of the agent on victims, and surrounding areas, if appropriate.

2.       Explain symptoms victims will experience and display

3.       Identify which government agencies (local, state, and federal) will need to be involved in the response to the terrorist attack.

4.       Explain the appropriate role and responsibility for all agencies involved.

5.       List communication methods between first responders and involved agencies; and identify necessary information that will need to be communicated to the public.

6.       Explain the unique challenges first responders will face when responding to the attack.

7.       Identify the proper Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) that will be needed when responding to the attack.

8.       Explain how first responders should establish a perimeter and how large the containment effort should be.

9.       Explain what sort of decontamination procedures and equipment will be necessary to treat victims.

10.   Identify the appropriate decontamination stage for the attack, and explain initial decontamination considerations.

11.   Explain the type of evidence first responders should be looking for, and how first responders can preserve any evidence.


12.   Discuss the effect the attack will have on the area.



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