Servant vs Transformation Leadership II

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Provide at least a 50 word reply to discussion question answer below in apa format with in-text citations:

 Servant leadership and transformational leadership can be described as similar. The definition of transformational leadership is “a leadership approach that causes change in individuals and social systems” (Stone, Russel & Patterson, 2003). Transformational leadership focuses on the organizations goals and then works on empowering the individuals within the organization to meet this organizational goals (Stone, Russel & Patterson, 2003). “Transformational leaders transform the personal values of followers to support the vision and goals of the organization by fostering an environment where relationships can be formed and by establishing a climate of trust in which visions can be shared” (Stone, Russel & Patterson, 2003). Essentially where servant leadership focuses on the individuals first, transformational leadership focuses on the organization first. Both forms of leadership can be effective, but one may be better to use in a situation over the other. Each form of leadership has unique characteristics that make it beneficial to use in any given situation. There are four behaviors that are part of transformational leadership. These include “1. idealized influence (or charismatic influence), 2. inspirational motivation, 3. intellectual stimulation, and 4. individualized consideration” (Stone, Russel & Patterson, 2003). We are familiar with the principles and attributes of servant leadership, and while they are similar, there are differences. I personally think that in many situations for continued success, servant leadership would be more beneficial. I believe this because servant leader builds up, inspires and focuses on individuals rather than an organization. If we focus on individuals then we are building them to be successful and to be able to handle continuing changes and new initiatives within the organization. Focusing on the individuals gives them the tools to adapt to change and continue to be successful. 

Original Question:

How do servant leaders, as compared with leaders using the transformational model of leadership, manage organization dynamics and lead change to ensure that the continued success of the stakeholders will be served? Is servant leadership or transformational leadership the best approach to these tasks? Why?

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