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 Personal affiliation with other allows for a person to be able to connect with others when the need arises.  Affiliation may or may not be about the current work place or career goals.  I often find myself in nursing and life situations where I call on someone from my past that I trust to gain needed information or a different view on how to perform a task.  Policy and procedures offer guidance on how to perform a task but people who have performed it in the past know all the difficulties that could come up.

    Networking is a system of sharing information, services or goods among groups or individuals with a common goal.  Networking can be used at all levels of nursing.  Advancing the individual nursing career is just one aspect of networking. A community health nurse will establish and maintain a long list of other professionals and community leaders for the purpose of assisting communities in a host of health goals (Smith & Maurer 2009).  

    The benefit to my nursing career comes with each contact made.  This is due to the impression left on another with each interaction.  New opportunities to advance to a different nursing role many presents through a contact made during an interaction with others.  Professional references are also gained in these interactions.  I do believe that care needs to be taken when using professional references on a resume because some interactions will leave bad impressions or the professional has moved on to another position and no longer has the same contact information.




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