Cultural Self-Assessment Assignment

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Cultural Self-Assessment Assignment (200 points)

For this assignment, you will perform a cultural assessment of yourself.  Your cultural self-assessment should include: Worldview Brief, Simple How do you see your place in the world? Ethnohistory What makes you a “culturally unique individual?” Family and Social History Follow ancestry back as far as you can, but be brief, this is not a family tree Giger and Davidhizar’s 6 Cultural Phenomena: Communication Space Social Organization Time Environmental Control Biological Variations. Professional and Generic Care Beliefs and Practices What does it mean to be in good health? Do you use home remedies, folk medicine? Any foods that are taboo? Generic and Specific Nursing Care Factors How would you like to be treated by nurses? What does it mean to you to be “in good health”? What would be stressful to you about hospitalization, how could this be improved? What is good nursing care?

Cultural assessment should be typed, double-spaced and 12 font.  This assignment is in narrative form.  Please organize each section using the headings provided above.  Total length should be a minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page or reference page. Grading Rubric

Body organization-0-100 points

Body fluency-0-50 points

Body mechanics-0-30 points

Appearance-0-20 points


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