examine the relevance of psychological theories of aggression to dr anderson s opinion in this extract support your discussion with relevant empirical research

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“Our instincts as human beings are often wrong,” Dr. Anderson, a psychologist who is a senior director at the Child Mind Institute in New York City, said. “We tend to be negative behavior detectors.”

When two siblings are playing quietly together, he said, “most parents are thinking, don’t jinx it, or let me go do something on my to-do list.” But when there is conflict, parents respond with anger and threats and punishment. Those ways of responding to the negative behaviors, he said, are unlikely to work — with small children, with adolescents or with adults. “We don’t tell partners to yell at partners as part of couples therapy; we don’t tell bosses to yell at employees for better productivity.”

Extracted from The New York Times (8 April 2019). Dealing with aggression in children. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/08/well/family/dea…

Examine the relevance of psychological theories of aggression to Dr. Anderson’s opinion in this extract. Support your discussion with relevant empirical research.

Additional notes/guidance/instructions:

  • This question requires you to think deeply regarding the relevance of psychological
  • concepts in relation to the quoted opinion provided and draw possible linkages between

    its content and relevant theoretical ideas in this area.

  • To explore how theories of aggression apply to Dr. Anderson’s opinion, you should
  • first read the relevant sections in the textbook and course materials on this topic before you attempt your TMA.


    PSY205 Tutor-Marked Assignment 02 January 2020 Semester

  • The information in the textbook is limited and you will find it necessary to perform further literature research in order to add depth to your answers. Apart from doing this research, remember to use your own words in your essay to demonstrate understanding of the subject matter and to avoid plagiarism.
  • There must be citations of relevant theoretical and empirical evidence to support your arguments, with a minimum of 3 references listed accurately in APA format required for this paper. These references should be based on your additional research. Cite at least THREE journal articles or book chapters (excluding the textbook). Always cite credible sources of information. Blog entries, online student papers or theses, and websites like Wikipedia and Psychblog do not count.
  • Recommended/suggested readings:

  • The original NYT article cited in the TMA question
  • Word limit of 1000 words
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