give a brief description of what recovery oriented systems of care means to you

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Use the readings and multimedia in this module to support your comments in responding to the following questions:

  • Brain science shows that recovery and relapse are not about willpower. What are the other issues at play? How would use the science of addiction and relapse to explore a client’s motivation for change? How would you use the science of addiction and relapse to assist a client to understand the process of recovery? What are your “takeaways” regarding the neuroscience related to motivation for change, recovery, and relapse?
  • Give a brief description of what “Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care” means to you. In what ways do you feel this concept can be helpful in our new healthcare environment, to the recovery process from addiction, and in helping clients with relapse prevention? How might you apply this construct to treating substance abusing clients? Please refer to the podcast in this week’s multimedia assignments and your own additional research online to support your positions.

400 Words APA format.


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