mod 6 create a power point

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For this assignment I only need the powerpoint part, I will film the video portion and submit it, but I need the full powerpoint done with the speakers notes and everything, as stated in the instructions


To: New Consulting Team Member
From: CEO
Re: Presentation

One of our biggest clients, Wells Cargo Bank, has been under investigation for some unethical leadership and management decisions. Specifically, some managers had directed their staff to make loans and open accounts that were not appropriate for their customers. These managers have been identified and terminated. The result has been very low morale in this company. Wells Cargo has initiated a number of changes that include a complete change to their ethics policies and procedures, along with new approaches to their marketing and advertising to help their tarnished reputation. Many of the managers and their staff are not motivated to institute these changes, and are resisting the changes. They must make these changes if they are to stay competitive in the world market. Our job here is to work as a Change Agent for Wells Cargo and motivate their employees for these changes by educating them on why change is necessary.

Prepare a three to maximum 5 minute video presentation, along with a PowerPoint file to motivate our Wells Cargo’s employees regarding change. Focus on the concepts of change for managers and leaders. Include how they may approach change to limit risks to the organization and themselves.

1. Discuss in detail:

A. Why change is important;

B. How change may be implemented; and

C. What benefits may result from change.

2. To support your content, identify 3 quality sources and provide APA references as an additional page at the end of your PowerPoint presentation.

3. For the video presentation use a WebCam and the MyCourses video drop box. The College also has equipment that can be booked for your video recording. Contact the College of Business to make a booking. Review the video tutorial in the Course Materials folder.

5. Your PowerPoint should have 5-7 slides, not including the title and reference page, and to make it more interesting, include 2-5 related photo or graphical images. Also include Speaker notes: 80-200 words for each slide. (Keep in mind that the material on your actual slides should include a few words that highlight the important points that you want to get across in the presentation. This is the section your audience views during your presentation. The Speaker Notes section for each slide allow you to put in all the information you would discuss that you, as the Speaker, will see when give your presentation).

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