essay about imagine working with colleagues from different cultures 1300 1500words

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In this essay you will have to imagine yourself working with a small group of 3 people including yourself. For example, (Vietnamese, American, and Mexican) You can fake it up but I need it to be real as possible. Must give your experience, example from readings to apply in this essay (as many as possible like 7+ examples is good enough)

What expectations might you have for working with colleagues from different cultures? This essay asks you to compare and contrast your own cultural biases to that of real or imagined other colleagues who come from a culture different from your own. Begin by using the link provided in the Content folder on TritonEd to complete Meyer’s Cultural Profile and gain insight into your own culturally-based tendencies and preferences.

After completing the cultural profile tool, create a hypothetical three-person team using your specific results plus two additional team members with different cultural profiles from yours and from each other (e.g., if you are Chinese you might consider a team with one American and one Italian). The tool allows you to repeat use in order to find results for other cultures. We will discuss this in class.

I will post the Prompt essay in a file below, also there are some important files such as writing kit about this essay, reading required for this essay and some links to help you go through the scenario for the best essay. Please read all of them. VERY IMPORTANT!!! In the file MGT 18 copy you will find the readings for this essay which is in week 6… You will have to read all of them (2 to 5 pages each) There are also links in there too click and read through because your essay is mostly base on these readings and you have to take as many as example from the readings to apply in this essay in order to get full credit… There is no outside source… just these readings will be your references/work cited or maybe the links in week 6 (including in MGT 18 copy)

You have a week from today to complete it, I prefer to receive the work early and or on time in order to fix/ edit and avoid technical issue. THE ESSAY MUST BE 1300 TO 1500 WORDS (I prefer 1400+ words) double space.

Here is the first step of doing this essay….use the link below to complete cultural profiles for 3 team members including you. you can do for Vietnamese first, then American, then Mexican…refresh the site after you’re done for each of them and remember to save the results because you will need it for the essay…(REMEMBER YOU CAN FAKE IT UP EVERYTHING BUT I NEED IT AS REAL AS POSSIBLE)…

If you need outside sources: Here are the only one you can borrow idea from…

reading about Multicultural Teamwork (must see very helpful)…

(How to say This is Crap in different cultures)…

(When culture does not translate)

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