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1. needs 200 words for the first paragraph, 125 words for the second paragraph, 125 words for the 3th paragraph.

2. With main claim, two or more sub-claim(reasons), the kinds of evidence and warrant CLEARLY in the first paragraph. (Follow the guideline)

3. PICTURE 013,its a checklist for the annotated bibliography, pls make sure finish everything.(IMPORTANT!!!)

Three articles need for the annotated bibliography. Each one comes with 450 words.

1.PDF File- Woody2019_Chapter_ViolenceAndCriminalPsychopathy.pdf…

2.PDF File- Pinto2018_Chapter_ConclusionShackledBodiesUnchai.pdf…

3. News- Don’t deny the link between serious mental illness and violence (Use the link for this article)…

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