introduction to ethical and legal perspectives in healthcare 1

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As a Healthcare professional, you are critical stakeholder in the healthcare system. Policy advocacy by healthcare professionals is often encouraged since they are the individuals who interact with the consumers (patients) the most. Your knowledge and perspective are vital to policymakers, as a voice for healthcare consumers and providing validation and/or opposition to laws and policy.

In 2018, the U.S. Department of health& Human Services announced the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The office’s stated goal is to protect institutions and people who refuse to provide medical assistance based on religious objections. “As noted by HHS Opponents and proponents. In general, supporters advocate that the office will protect against religious LGBTQ patients and consumers.

Information about the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division can be found at the following source;

You are to use reasoning from a healthcare professional perspective and ethical principles to compose a 2-3 page letter to your local Congressman/Congresswoman either support of or opposition to the Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom. This should not be opinion (e..g, avoid I think in your paper) but a supported analysis. You must cite your sources. Your letter address the following…

1. The potential impact of the new Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom to the patient population that you as a healthcare professional serve.

2. Rationale for your support/opposition. Be sure to discuss relevant ethical principles and support your rationale with reliable and scholarly resources.

3. Suggestions or recommendations, including how the rights of the provider can be balanced with the rights of the patient.

Please use the three questions to create Headings to organize the letter….!

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