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I am atheist, which is a lack of religion. I have always placed science first. I hold these beliefs because a lot of scientific theories go against what religion teaches. Scientific theories grow and adapt as new information is available to them. Which, in my opinion, is how it should work. Ideas such as evolution should be understood as a part of life and science can explain how these theories and ideas work. Without trying to offend, religion places a block on some of these theories and dismisses them as false as it does not follow their teachings. I believe science comes first and foremost, and if science could ever prove that a higher power is at play than I would be able to change my opinion, because your opinion should be based on all present information.

I watched Bruce Almighty. Bruce loves Grace and in the end had to decide to let her go so she can be happy and he needed to stop being selfish and trying to keep her for his own happiness. Of course she returned to him and they end up together.

If you are a religious person, how do you determine a solution for a moral dilemma you or someone else may be faced with?

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