discussion topics session 3

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INSTRUCTIONS:Please post your response to at least two of the following topics. You must also comment on at least ONE post made by other members of the class. Your posts should be grounded on your readings. You are encouraged to also add examples from your personal experience to further strengthen your argument. Class members who join the discussion late are encouraged to select topics that have not been adequately covered by previous participants.


[Note: Discussion topics 1 through 5 are based on Chapter 2]

1 Explain the relationship between improving quality and competitiveness. Why should many quality experts push managers to invest in quality improvement although this will require significant upfront expenses?

2 Deming proposed a set of 14 points as a roadmap to quality improvement. Recently, a team of quality experts have revised these 14 points to bring them more in line with 21st century organization. Do you agree with the revisions? Explain why you support the revision or why you don’t support the proposed revisions.

3 Explain “systems thinking” and show why systems thinking is important for quality management.

4 With the help of examples, explain Crosby’s “Absolutes of Quality Management” .

[Note: Discussion topics 6 -10 are based on Chapter 3.]

6 Differentiate between net promoter score (NPS) of measuring customer loyalty and the customer perceived value (CPV) measurement approach. What are the pros and cons of using each of the two methods to measure customer loyalty.

7 Explain the Kano model and discuss its implications for quality management.

8 Tom Peters once said businesses should encourage their customers to complain. Why should a company make it easy for customers to complain?

9 Listening to the “voice of the customer” is an important quality improvement method. Identify at least three approaches of listening to the customer and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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