unit 6 art

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Discussion 6: Biographical Analysis (Multimedia, Installation and Performance Art)

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Discussion 6: Biographical Analysis (Multimedia, Installation and Performance Art)

Image result for lightning field

Walter DeMaria, Lightning Field (Catron County, New Mexico), 1977. 400 polished stainless steel poles installed in a grid array measuring one mile by one kilometer.

Please report on one Multimedia, Installation, Earthwork or Performance Art made between 1960 CE and 2010 CE. The work can, for instance, be a Yoko Ono Performance, a Christo/Jeanne-Claude Installation, or a James Turrell earthwork. [Note: do not post on commercial theater, dance, literature or any commercial films. The work must be done by recognized visual artists within an art context–as covered by your readings.] Your report should be at least 400 words, and should include these numbered sections:

1. Image: Post an image or link to your chosen work, with the MLA citation and URL to the source.

2. Material Data: Name the artist/designer (if known), date(s), current location or museum, materials used and size. Note its use(s) and any special production techniques utilized.

3. Formal Analysis: Describe your chosen work using at least four (4) of these categories: Line, Shape and Form, Space, Texture, Value and Light, Color, and Implied Movement (Time), Repetition, Variety, Rhythm, Balance, Compositional Unity, Emphasis, Economy, and/or Proportion. Look closely and note the differences clearly. Make sure to look at images of the same work from different angles.

4. [NEW] Biographical Analysis: This section will require research beyond your readings. Report on the biography of the artist who made the work you selected. Use the artist’s biography to understand the work of art. Consider the artist’s experience, psychology, trauma or politics in trying to understand the choices he or she made in creating this work.

On this method see:
“Writing About Art: Biography”
http://writingaboutart.org/pages/biography.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

5. Personal Reflections: Why did you choose this work? What are its least and most attractive aspects to you?

6. MLA citations to your research sources.

Post this initial post by Thursday night. Afterwards, please post at least two substantial replies to other students (and/or the professor), on separate days, before the end of the instructional week (Sunday night). In your replies to one another, try to go deeper into the work presented, comparing and contrasting it with what you presented. Share new research or knowledge. End by asking a critical question of the other student (not a yes/no question but a how/why type question) on what they presented. Return later in the week to continue the discussion and go further with the conversation.

Initial posting: up to 16 possible points.
Substantial reply to at least two other students: up to 10 possible points
Spelling, grammar, formatting and citations: up to 4 possible points.
TOTAL : 30 possible points

Note our late deductions for discussions: 10% a day for postings posted after the Thursday deadline. No postings or replies are accepted for grading after Sunday at 11:59pm EST.

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