concepts of resilience in a specific population

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Assignment Instructions

In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation on the multidimensional resilience of the population you chose to examine in your first course assignment.

Using your chosen population (Homeless youth), create a PowerPoint presentation with 13–15 slides. Address the following in your presentation:

  • Analyze the risk and resilience factors specific to that population.
  • Explain Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory and apply it to this specific population.
  • Examine the multidimensional resilience principles and the systems interaction that provides protective factors among the risks endured by the population.
  • Apply a leadership or advocacy approach that would be most effective with this population.
  • Consider the components of resiliency measures, as there are many ways to measure and view resilience for all populations, including interviewing, productivity, stress, et cetera.
    • These should focus on a healthy adjustment to risk factors that are found within your population. This information could refer to any stage of individual lifespan development. This gives you leeway to evaluate the options for your population and consider how these elements support resilience as one grows older. The risks found at the age of 15 may not be present at 30, but may have been eliminated through adjustment or change in the environment. The promotive factors may have been more fully incorporated throughout the lifespan by providing amelioration against risks that might be incumbent upon a specific population.


There must be an introductory slide and the final slide must contain your references in APA format. A minimum of three peer-reviewed, scholarly references, not including the course materials, is required. Quotations are not permitted on the slides, but your analysis of information should paraphrase the information you are presenting, using a citation.

Keep in mind that PowerPoint slides should not contain detailed information but, instead, provide an overview. These overview points are typically shown in bullet points and consist of phrases of information.

The Notes section in the PowerPoint should contain your detailed information. It is expected that your exposition of each slide will be documented in detail in the Notes. This means that the PowerPoint slides will not be overloaded with information, but your presentation, using the notes beneath each slide for support, will provide all knowledge that the stakeholders need to have, including definition of terms that are specific to resiliency and sociological terms related to the socioecological theory. The details will be reviewed for each slide in your presentation. Therefore, notes explaining your slides (each one) are important for completing the project.

There are multiple resources on the Internet that demonstrate how to create a PowerPoint and guidelines for effective PowerPoint presentations. Please avail yourself of these sites to develop a strong presentation that addresses the requirements for this assignment. You should also examine the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations linked in the assignment resources.

Refer to the assignment scoring guide to familiarize yourself with the evaluation criteria for this assignment.

Submission Requirements

Your PowerPoint should include the following elements:

  • Format: Title slide, 13–15 slides of content and presenter notes, and References slide.
  • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
  • Resources: A minimum of three peer-reviewed scholarly resources is required.
  • Length: The body of your PowerPoint (not including the title slide and references) should be 13–15 slides with details in the Notes area at the bottom of the slides. Keep in mind that achieving a distinguished rating for your PowerPoint depends on the use of presenter notes.

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