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You will complete two peer reviews per assignment,

Here are some guidelines for responding to peers’ work:

-read the entire post twice

-summarize main points made in the post (one paragraph)

-give your response to main points, including whether you dis/agree and why (one paragraph)

-your overall reaction/response (short paragraph)

-only comment on grammar/mechanics/formatting if you are 100% sure you are correct! It is not necessary to comment on grammar.

These responses don’t have to be long (three paragraphs total), but they should demonstrate that you read the student’s work and you are processing and understanding their perspective on the texts.

Please be sure to be respectful and supportive in your responses, especially when you disagree with a point made. The goal is to gain new perspectives and both students should use peer reviews as a way to reflect on their own stances and improve their writing!

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