crack cases and a discussion

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TEXT:: Santrock, J. (2018).Educational Psychology (6th edition). McGraw-Hill Publishers.

CRACK the CASE (Case Studies):

Students will be required to answer the questions that accompany each Crack the Case exercise in the textbook. The cases can be found at the end of each chapter. Please see the Schedule of Course Content for the due dates.

Crack Cases

Crack the Case 1

Chapter 1: Introductions; Course Overview: Teachers, Teaching and Educational Psychology

Crack the Case:

  • What issues would need to be considered in conducting such a study?
  • What type of research would be most appropriate?
  • Why?
  • If she compared the two different curricula and their outcomes, what would the independent variable be?
  • If she decides to conduct an experimental study in which she compared the two different curricula and their outcomes, what would the dependent variable be?
  • How should Ms. Huang go about conducting her study?



My DocumentsSantrockedu6e_PPT_Ch01_a.pptx

Crack the Case 2

Chapter 2. Cognitive and Language Development

Thought Question: What are the implications of the new research on brain development for teaching?

Crack the Case:



Crack the Case 3

Chapter 3. Social Contexts and Socioe motional Development

Thought Question: How early should intervention begin for children demonstrating signs of trauma?

Crack the Case:

  • What do you think about the punishment that Luke received? How would you have handled this situation?
  • What impact do you think this will have on the boys’ future relationship? What impact will it have on their attitudes toward school?



Crack the Case 4

Chapters 4, 5 and 6. Learner Differences and Learning Challenges Culture and Diversity

Thought Question: Is full inclusion best for all students with learning disabilities?

Crack the Case

  • What are the issues in this case?
  • To what extent should teachers adapt their instruction to the strengths, learning styles, and personalities of their students? Why?
  • What will you do in your classroom to accommodate individual differences such as students’ strengths, learning styles, and personalities?
  • What other individual differences do you think you might have to accommodate? How will you do this?
  • On which theory is Ms. Jacobson basing her comments regarding Joe and Martha?

Crack the case CH.5

  • What are the issues in this case?
  • Based on the ideas and information presented in your text to this point, discuss what you believe to be happening in this classroom and the possible influences on Mrs. Jones’s ideas of gender. Cite research and theories of gender development.
  • What influences do you believe Mrs. Jones’s behavior will have on her students? Why?
  • What should Mrs. Jones do at this point? Why? What sort of outside assistance might help her?
  • If you were a student teacher in this classroom, what, if anything, would you do? Why?
  • What will you do in your own classroom to minimize gender bias?

Crack the case CH.6

  • What are the issues in this case?
  • Why do you suppose Ms. Inez makes light of parents’ perceptions of their children’s strengths?
  • How should Ms. Inez approach the parents of the students she thinks might have ADHD?
  • Is it appropriate for her to recommend testing of any of the children? Why or why not? Would it be appropriate for her to recommend a particular doctor for this testing? Why or why not?
  • If Alex can already read and subtract, are there other skills he has likely mastered? If so, what might they be? How might this impact his experiences in kindergarten?
  • How should Ms. Inez address this?





Discussion question: — this center around the upcoming research

After reading the article on effective teaching in Learning Module Two, please share your thoughts on effective teaching.In other words, what is effective teaching? – Half a page is enough

Source: effective teaching.pdf

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