individual analysis of leadership article presentation of leadership article

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Assignment One –Part One: Individual Analysis of Leadership Article DUE: For this assignment, you will form your own teams of Two.

The Individual analysis paper and presentation will be due in that week assigned – the Sunday night following the presentations. Late papers will not be accepted.

Note that each team will research, analyze and present an assigned article on a different topic presented in the course. HOWEVER, all students are to read the articles being presented prior to attending class so that they may fully engage in the learning.

Content 7 /Formatting – Citations 3

Working individually, you are to prepare a paper that address the following: 1. Introduce the article and the leadership research question/topic 2. Define the key terms and concepts 3. Identify the key theme(s) findings in the article

4. Explore and explain linkages, relationships and perspectives gathered from your research and analysis 5. Offer a critical view of the authors findings (Do others support this? Do you? Why?)

6. Suggestions and recommendations for how leaders, managers or practitioners on how they could use the research findings in their daily work or strategic planning.

The articles will be assigned by the instructor. The length of this paper will be approximately 3 to 4 pages. Please submit your electronic copy to the drop box in the D2L course site following your pairs presentation. Be sure to follow the apa formatting guidelines in the course outline.

Assignment One – Part Two: Teach Back to your Peers: Pairs Presentation of Leadership Article

The second part of this assignment requires you to work in pairs to present the article you analyzed and teach the content of what you learned back to your peers. Create a visual for your presentation that supports your analysis. You have 30 to 40 minutes to present (including your activity) Be creative. Engage your audience. Your presentation will be analyzed using the following criteria:

1.Delivery – each member is prepared and demonstrates their knowledge of the issue through the presentation of the materials, discussion and response to Q&A.

2.Visual – the visual was clear, interesting and suitable for a business audience

3.Information –The materials were presented in a logical, clear and comprehensive manner.

4. The team engages all members of the audience.

5. The teams applies the learning through an activity that directly relates to the concepts.

6. The team was polished, enthusiastic, and professional.

7.Each team member contributed to the presentation.

Each team is to prepare three questions based on their reading to ask the audience to test their understanding of your subject matter. This is usually asked at or near the end of your presentation – before you field questions from your audience. This questions will allow for the audience to participate fully in the topic and deepen their understanding. The audience must be prepared to discuss the topic and engage in the question and answer period.

  • I need slides about the authors info.
  • I need an activity related to the topic- like Bingo.

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