any population of humans that began farming was guaranteed to create a successful empire

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Defend of refute the statement

My ideas:(you can follow my ideas and add some more details or create by yourself)

1)First you need to prove that this statement is true
Example argument: Two river basins Sumerian civilization
Yangtze River and Yellow River Basin
2)Then prove that this statement is wrong
Example argument: Minotau civilization originated in the Mediterranean and did not develop into an empire and civilization
Ogilvy & Mather civilization has not developed into an empire
Examples of prehistoric civilizations that perish

Natural advantages of the establishment of civilization: 1) land 2) irrigation and resources (land merger war) 3.)agricultural technology (productivity revolution, population growth will bring resources in the distribution, the establishment of high-level political institutions, economic base determines the superstructure)

Conclusion: In summary, it can be known that most of the first-stage civilization studies have natural advantages and complete technical conditions, and can develop civilizations and empires, but it cannot be ignored that there are still civilizations that meet the above conditions Did not develop into civilization and empire, and agricultural activities were carried out with resources

Requirements: Appropriate content can be added within 1000 words. The argumentation process must be strict and plagiarism is not allowed.

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