how to create an executive summary

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Theme: Creating the Engaged Workplace

Designing an Engaging Workplace Fostering Commitment, Loyalty and Citizenship

Organizations seek engaged employees. Engagement is demonstrated through commitment to performing the work well rather than just ‘good enough’; a citizenship attitude toward the company embracing its mission as their own; proactive work behaviors and initiative, that is in line with organizational goals rather than centered in their personal benefit are the goals of a good manager and staying with company. Employees seek a purposeful life, which is in part fulfilled by their job. This is aided by job and organizational ‘fit’. (Chapter 4)


Create an email post with a single space one-page executive summary of the plan.

*In-text citation APA format. Use only the attached references. Please let me know if there is an issue with the link

*Identification and analysis of what was meant by a “Southern Identity” and how it created engaged employees prior to the takeover. (reference Pigs R Us (PRU) Recent History)

*Identification and explanation of the two major methods managers use (given in our theme overview) to create engagement in employees and within an organization.

*Evaluation of whether a new “Southern Identity” should be created as opposed to a new “PRU” identity. Be sure to consider the culture diversity that is now part of the company.

*Create a group consensus as to which culture path should be taken.

*Recommendations with explanation of the two methods of engagement defined earlier at PRU to create the “new culture” chosen by the group. The recommendations should detail actual steps to be taken to implement the methods.

*Consider references that give perspective and actions for talent management, past weeks readings on individual characteristics and generational values, and our overall approach to developing a learning organization.

Two Methods of Engagements:

1. By aligning the personal qualities and skills of the employee to the job, team and organization. This includes their individual characteristics (personality traits, ethical norms) and their psychological state (biologic conditions such as depression, PTSD; pre-existing commitment and citizenship levels; the role of attitudes and expectations of others in fulfilling their own needs).

2. By developing an organizational culture that enacts its espoused values, walks its talk, has leaders demonstrating its values and applauds employees who do the same.

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