psy 545 6 1 discussion treatment of sexual offenders

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Rubric and Responses attached the second response will be attached later

Read the following article to explore more information on sexual offenders: Myths and Facts About Sexual Offenders: Implications for Treatment and Public Policy.

In your initial posts to your peers, explain a few of the myths that you believed regarding sexual offenders and that you were surprised to discover were not true. Which facts or statistics in the article surprised you the most? Why do you think there are so many myths or unfounded facts around sexual offenders?

In response to your peers, discuss their findings as well as respond to their reactions. Did your thoughts differ from their thoughts? Discuss the myths that both you and your peer believed and ones that only one of you believed. Why do you think they might differ? What are the implications for public policy?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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