this is a government essay make sure to tie your essay to the summary in your body paragraph

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Summarize a news event involving the US government taken from a reputable source such as CNN, Fox, BBC, etc.

i.Summaries must be at least 100 words in length

b. Analyze the event’s tie to your text

.i. Each analysis should clearly tie your event to material from the textbook.

ii. Each analysis should be at least 250 words in length

c. Predict the effects of their event

i. Effects are a subjective analysis in which students will use prior knowledge of different cause and effect relationships within the structure of US government policy to predict an outcome of their chosen event

ii. Predictions should be at least 50 words in length


Political parties serve to link the public with its elected leaders. In the United States, this linkage is provided by the two-party system; only the Republican and Democratic parties have any chance of winning control of government. The fact that the United States has only two major parties is explained in large party by an electoral system (single member districts) that makes it difficult of third parties to complete for power; by each party’s willingness to accept differing political views; and by a political culture that stresses compromise and negotiation rather than ideological rigidity.

Because the United States has two major parties, each of seeks to gain majority support, their candidates have typically avoided controversial or extreme political positions. There are exceptions, notably when the country is experiencing disruptive social or economic change. Ordinarily, however, Republican and Democratic candidates pursue moderate and some what overlapping policies. Each party can count on its party loyalist, but U.S. elections can hinge or swing voters, who respond to the issues of the moment either prospectively, basing their vote on what the candidates promise to do if elected, or retrospectively, basing their vote on their satisfaction or dis-satisfaction with what the party in power has already done.

America’s parties are decentralized, fragment organizations. The national party organization does not control the policies and activities of the state organizations, and these in turn do not control the local organizations. Traditionally, the local organizations have controlled most of the party’s workforce because most elections are contested at the local level. Local parties, however, vary markedly in the vitality. Whatever their level, America’s party organizations are relatively weak. They lack control over nominations and elections. Candidates can bypass the party organization and win nomination through primary elections. Individual candidates also control most of the organizational structure and money necessary to win elections. The state and national party organizations have recently expanded their capacity to provide the candidates with the modern campaign services. Nevertheless, party organization at all level have few ways of controlling candidates who run under their banners. They assist candidates with campaign technology, workers, and funds, but they cannot compel candidates to be loyal to organizations goals.

American political campaigns, practically those for higher office, are candidates centered. Candidates for federal office spend much of their time raising campaign funds and creating personal organizations built around pollsters, media producers, fundraisers, and campaign managers. Strategy and image making are key components of the modern campaign, as is televised political advertising, which accounts for half or more of all spending in presidential and congressional races.

The advantages of candidate-centered political include a responsiveness to new leadership and local concern. Yet this form of politics can result in campaigns that are personality driven, depend on powerful interest groups, and blur responsibility for what government has done.

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