essay about the last movie you watched 1

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3 FULL PAGES double spaced + Reference page.

I need an essay about THE LAST MOVIE THAT YOU WATCHED. (you can basically choose any movie you want and say it was the last one you have watched)

DO NO PLAGIARISE!! should be original work in own words

The final paper will be a review of a subject of your Choosing: My choice is the last movie that YOU watched. THIS PAPER MUST TWO PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS/RESEARCH ONLINE FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES.

For the purposes of this paper, consider any review/research about your topic that is listed by itself as professional; consider multiple reviews listed like in a comments section to be not professional; Books, restaurants, amusement parks, album, vacuum cleaners, cell phones, or almost anything can be your topic as long as the reviews/research can be found online.

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