can someone help with a 3 page apa paper must be a peer reviewed article cor relational or experimental

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Article 1 Review instructions

There are two parts to this assignment.

First you must select an article that is related to either Chapter 5 (Intellectual Disability) or Chapter 6 (Autism Spectrum Disorder and Childhood-Onset-Schizophrenia). The article selected must be an experimental study or a correlation study. You will review the article using the format I have provided, and complete using the template provided.

Second you will relate the article you have reviewed to the textbook content. As you relate the article, refer to constructs and terms described in the textbook (placing the terms in Bold the first time they are used) and indicating the Chapter from which the term was acquired. Please refer to the Grading Rubric for more information on the assignment.

Note: This assignment is due and must be submitted in person at the beginning of class (3:05 pm) on Wednesday, March 4th.

Second Instruction:

Please note: The article you select should be an experimental or correlation design that contains the elements included in the Article Review form.

Note 1: This is not the form you will use to complete your assignment. You will use the Article 1 Review Form to present your work.

Note 2: Do not simply cut and paste from the article. This work should be in your own words, and be written in complete sentences.

~I will attach the grading rubric and the rubric step by step that professor wants filled out specifically.~

I can also attache a digital copy of Chapter 5 and 6 for a quick skim through, The article must relate to either chapter or both…

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