edits only grammar and wording for a paper relating marxist theories to current events in the new york times newspaper

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Attached is my draft of a paper (less than 6 pages) that had somewhat vague instructions. Essentially, we were to choose two topics (mine being surplus value and relations of production) and put them in conversation with two articles from the New York Times. I’ve written my paper, and I feel decent about the content. However, I could use some help with editing/revisions.

Certain things to look for: passive voice (not allowed), bad grammar (not allowed)

also, word choice: this is supposed to be readable and understandable by a reasonably-educated high school student. please point out/make suggestions for revision of any words or sentences that are overly-complicated as they are currently written.

Essentially, I’m not looking for you to write the paper for me, but rather read it over a few times and point out grammar and wording issues. Please make suggestions wherever possible, but don’t worry too much about the content (I feel pretty good about that already). However, if something really doesn’t make sense or seems out of place, I’d appreciate you pointing it out to me 🙂

Instead of editing the paper directly, please leave everything as a comment so I can see all changes/suggestions. Expectations are rather minimal, as long as we can try and catch all the grammar/wording issues addressed above 🙂 Thanks!

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