lab report 398

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I need help to write a lab report about Flojet pump experiment. There are three zip files attached one for lectures where you will read them to understand what you will be working for and how report should be done. A second zip file has all the files for instructions and formatting the report and the last zip file has the experiment information, the data excel sheet and the grading rubric for this report of the experiment you will be making the report about. If you read the files and you’re an engineer this is an easy first report we still have not started the complicated one yet.

Mainly for the first report you will make:

1- Abstract. 2- Results. 3- Conclusion -Discussion & supports. 4- Worksheet(Modified Datasheet). 5- Sample Calculations. 6- Datasheet. For each part of these read the files attached to understand what will be providing in each part of the report and once you read the files you will know more and more and find it easy to work.

You will have to do some calculations too. And let me know if you have any questions!

This is an easy task for an Engineer so please if you’re not an engineer don’t mess with my report.

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