excel case problems 1

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Week 1 Assignments

Perform the following Case Problems for Excel Chapters 1. Submit your final solution workbooks under Wk1 Assignments

Excel Case Problems• Complete and solve these case problems:

o Case Problem Level 1: Filename: Computer Purchase.xlsx (See pp. 72-74)

o Case Problem Level 2: Filename: Job Analysis.xlsx (See pp. 74-75)

o Case Problem Level 3: Filename: CKG Sales.xlsx (See pp. 75-76)

Textbook: (2016). Succeeding in business with microsoft excel 2013: a problem solving approach

Authors: Gross, D., Akaiwa, F., & Nordquist, K. Publisher: Stanford, CT: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1-28-509914-9

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Excel Chapter 1 – Applying Fundamental Excel Skills and Tools in Problem Solving

Everyone will know that they have mastered the material in the Excel textbook for Chapter 1 as they navigate through each level and are able to:

Level 1

  • Define common Excel error messages
  • Correct basic formatting problems in a worksheet
  • Correct errors in formulas
  • Understand precision vs. display of cell values
  • Level 2

  • Work with multiple worksheets
  • Calculate total, average, minimum, and maximum values with functions
  • Understand how functions work: syntax, arguments, and algorithms
  • Use the AutoSum feature to perform calculations quickly
  • Calculate the number of values using both COUNT and COUNTA
  • Level 3

  • Organize a workbook
  • Understand relative, absolute, and mixed cell referencing
  • Write formulas with different types of cell references
  • Copy formulas with different types of cell references
  • Name a cell or cell range
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