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Each question should have 3 to 4 sentences.

You can skip 3 questions over the entire quiz.. If you don’t skip any then 5 pts extra credit.

40 pts total.

If this takes you an hour you are seriously working too hard:)

We Are Okay

  1. Lacour makes use of a number of intertextual references in the novel, most notably Marin’s love of Jane Eyre, Turn of the Screw, and the Frida Kahlo painting “The Two Fridas.” Pick one of these and adduce as many similarities as possible.
  1. Discuss 1) the “tree theme” in the novel and what this symbolizes.
  1. What college is Marin at? (Two possible answers.)
  1. Why do you think Marin expresses such happiness about being able to work at the Pottery Studio?
  1. What would your diagnosis of Gramps be?
  1. What is the connection between Marin’s swimming pool routine and her mom?
  1. The copyright page indicates that this book is filed under “lesbian.” It seems to me, however, that Marin and Mabel had a more….idk experimental or informal sexual fling. Would a better term for this be bisexual or fluid or intersectional? Note for instance that Mabel has moved onto a guy (forget his name) so she’s by definition not a lesbian.
  1. How would you describe Hannah’s influence on Marin? What does Marin learn from her?
  1. How is Ana (Mabel’s mom) portrayed and why, do you think so?

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