create a household budget

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In this assignment, you will use Excel to create a household budget to help maintain control over your finances and see how your money is being used. If you use a real hypothetical example that resonates with you; you’ll end up with more insight and maybe even a plan for the future.

Conduct a short internet job search for the type of position you will be applying for once you have completed your education. Consider your work experience in this search. For example, if you have no experience in the field, please search for entry-level positions or the type of position someone with your background could reasonably qualify for. Look for three positions that include wage/salary information. Once you have found 3 job ads that include salary information, determine the average starting salary and use this as the basis for your household budget. ( is a good site to view.)
Create an Excel spreadsheet of your own design to breakdown your household budget. List monthly expenses and monthly income. You will need to list your expenses for 12 months (so you should have columns for each month). Remember your expenses are not always the same every month (for instance your electric bill could fluctuate based on how hot it is). Be sure to format the expenses and income as currency using one of the formatting options in Excel. Do NOT use an online template. The designs must be easy and logical to read. You should start with a New blank Excel document.

dont worry about finding the job. i already have it. its a account coordinator from estee lauder in Miami and the average salary is $60,000 a year. and the budget cost you would add is a normal house in miami, a normal car payment in miami, cell phone, gas, cable, and credit cards. heres an example. i will be more detailed if u choose this aissgnment. but this is how it will look like in the bottom.

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