critical thinking exercise for nursing curriculum

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Critical Thinking Exercises:

Exercise #1: Address an educational need among nursing staff at a health care agency. In the first part of this assignment you will identify the educational need, assess internal and external frame factors, select a learning theory, develop a budget, and an evaluation tool. For the second part of this assignment, you will develop and submit a PowerPoint presentation that would meet the educational needs of the nursing staff.

Exercise #2: Select an education program in a health care agency and assess it for its recognition of the impact of the internal and external factors on the program. Evaluate the program according to the classic components of curriculum development and evaluation. Include an analysis of the evaluation plan in place for individual sessions and the program as a whole. Is there any evidence that the data collected for evaluation are used to revise the program and improve quality? Analyze the budget of the program for its relationship to the mission and goals of the agency and the education program. Based on your analysis, how would you revise the program?

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