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In three double-spaced, typed-written pages, please respond to the following topic. It is to your advantage to read through the Constitution and quote and cite the Constitution when appropriate to support your argument. Note that your paper is to be turned into the dropbox in D2L where you find this prompt. The paper is due by Tuesday, Feb. 11. The paper will be checked for originality by when you put it in the dropbox, so you don’t have to do that yourself. But you should check the report and see if there are some issues you need to deal with. You can submit your paper to the dropbox as many times as you want, and I will only grade the last submission that you make by the deadline. Please abide by the rule of good writing: if the words are not yours, you must quote and cite.

We have spent a lot of time in class so far discussing the basic structure of the U.S. Constitution. The people who wrote the Constitution had a distrust of popular democracy, so they created a government that was insulated from the people. Drawing upon the U.S. Constitution (google it, if you don’t have a hard copy), what are the ways in which the government of the United States of America is insulated from the people (and the ways it may not be insulated)? Defend your claims with arguments from the text of the Constitution.

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