the agony amp ecstasy of fundraising discussion

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1) Watch The Agony & Ecstasy of Fundraising TED Talk by Karen Brooks Hopkins’ in Module 2.

In her TED talk, Karen Brooks Hopkins talks about some of the challenges and skills needed to succeed as a fundraiser in the arts sector. Despite these challenges, she believes that having the money to make amazing things happen is liberating and investing in the best art makers is doing the ‘Lord’s work,’ describing fundraising as a ‘profound, difficult yet worthy career path.’

2) In this discussion thread, reflect on the following prompts.

  • After watching her talk, how did it make you feel about the field of fundraising? What stood out to you (positive or negative) from her talk?
  • Do you feel arts fundraisers have a more difficult time raising money compared to other sectors (health, education, environment, etc.)? Reflect on your response, yes or no.
  • What fears or concerns might you have about this work and/or profession? Be honest! (there is no wrong answer here)

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