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Brazil has a wide range of different groups of people, including Native Americans, black descendants of slaves, immigrants (e.g., Japan, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela etc.) and so forth. Agribusiness companies use large tracts of land to establish massive farms. In this instance, a Norwegian immigrant came with his wife (the princess of Norway) to seek their fortune and established a huge pulp operation. It was very successful until its idiotic finance manager bet wrong on derivatives and literally lost the company!

This case deals with conflicting views of land ownership. In the U.S. we have title companies that usually are effective in clarifying who owns what so we don’t have such disputes. But in some countries there are lots of different ways of being on land that can lead to confusion.

What should the government decide and why?

Does the land belong to the company or the Native Americans?

How can Aracruz mobilize stakeholders to resolve dispute with Indians?

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