cs 102 3d 77 1

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1) Create a PowerPoint presentation to show videos that explain the OS functions on an OS of your choice

• OS Functions required for PowerPoint Slides

1. How to use the OS GUI Features

2. How to use the OS Command Line

3. How to use setup the OS to autoupdate

4. How to use the OS Hibernate Mode

5. How to use the OS Sleep Mode

6. How to use the OS File Manager and File Search

7. How to use the OS Backup and Restore Utility

8. How to Set and Change the Password in the OS

9. How to install and uninstall a program in the OS

10. How to use an OS Performance Monitor to see running process, memory and networks usage

• The presentation requires:

o (5pts) The presentation will have a Design (slide theme) of your choice (other than blank).

o (5pts) The Presentation needs a Title Slide (first slide) and a Conclusion Slide (last slide)

â–ª The Title Slide should use the Title Slide Template

• Items on the slide

o Title of the presentation

o Author’s Name

â–ª The Conclusion Slide should use the Title and Content Slide Template

• Review of the key points from the presentation

o (10pts) References Slide to the results used from youtube search

o (80pts) Each Category should have at least one slide using the “Title and Two Content Slide” template

â–ª Each slide will include

• Title

• Text explanation of the OS Function

• Youtube video related to the OS functions (Internet Search to find how to insert the video in PowerPoint)

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