Mechatronics systems design

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The guaranteed accuracy of a flow meter working on thermal principle is ± 3% of full scale reading of 2.5 x 10
/s. If the flow measured by this meter is 1.25 x 10
/s, calculate the limiting error in percent. Comment  upon the results.
A cantilever beam of length
, width
and depth
is used to measure the force F. The deflection is measured using an LVDT of accuracy ± 0.1 mm. The length, width and depth are measured to an accuracy of ± 0.01mm and their values are 45 mm, 4.5mm and 0.9mm respectively. The modulus of rigidity is known accurate to 0.2%. If the deflection noted was 1.8 mm, determine the error in force measured.

Given, F = 3Ebd3 . y


   E = Modulus of elasticity, y = deflection


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