3800 – 4000 words answer for INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS

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Basic requirements

01. Intext citation  ( auther, title, Publication) 

answers of each question should be in between 1200-1300 words

8-10 references in standard APA style


1- what do you understand by the term “Precursors to International Human Rights Law” (1200-1300 words)


2- In 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt, Chair of the Commission on Human Rights, said of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

               “it is not a treaty; it is not an international agreement. It is not and does not purport to be a statement of law and legal obligation.”

Comment on whether that statement is true in 2012. in your response, take into account both the International Bill of Human Rights and the sources and evidences of International law. (1200-1300 words )


3- Compare and contrast the procedures for addressing international human Rights in the International Convention Civil and political Rights and the International Covenant of Economic Social and Cultural Rights. (1200-1300 words)


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all answers must be on one page with numbering

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