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1. Why is what is commonly called “passive euthanasia” not really euthanasia?

2. How does euthanasia violate our natural tendencies as an organism?

3. How does euthanasia violate human dignity?

4. In what three ways could euthanasia work against our self-interest?

5. What two kinds of adverse practical effects could result from euthanasia?

1. What factors make attractiveness to men “the polar star of feminine edu-cation and formation of character”?

2. What chiefly distinguishes modern times from previous times?

3. Why is it erroneous to argue that the nature of the two sexes makes their present relationship appropriate?

4. What are the two main benefits to society that would result from the legal equality of men and women?

5. What is the main benefit to individuals that would result from the legal equality of men and women?

1. Why do sentient nonhuman animals have certain basic moral rights?

2. How does the right to liberty differ between human beings and animals? the right to life?

3. Why should we assign strong moral rights to “nonparadigm” human beings, such as infants and the incurably senile?

4. Why is it plausible that nonsentient natural entities such as mountains and valleys have some sort of intrinsic value? Why is it preferable to speak of their intrinsic value rather than of their moral rights?

5. How do the perspectives of “land-ethic” environmentalists and of animal liberationists complement each other?

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