Final IT Discussion Questions

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IT Discussion Questions

Must respond to each question with a minimum of 200 words. 


  1. Cyber Crime
    • Please research cybercrime and post one article that you found, then do a summary of that article.  Please comment on two of your classmate’s postings.  There is no time limit on the crime so it can be recent or in the past.  Please ensure your primary posting is completed by Friday so there is sufficient time for each of you to comment on other postings. 
  2. IT Mergers
    •  Find a recent article related to issues surrounding IT mergers or implementation of a new technology in an organization and describe how they were resolved or handled.  You can use an example of issues in your own organization and how they were solved or dealt with.  You should be developing a portfolio of templates and Best practices (or a wiki) that you can refer back to over the years.
  3. A Cybersecurity Point of View… Maybe?
    •  Please watch the first 30 minutes of this video.  Write about your reaction/thoughts/opinions concerning the presenters’ point of view.  Discuss whether you agree/disagree with the points of view and if so concerning what aspects of their collective perspective.  Remember to cite sources.




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