Assignment 3: Ace study : Phyllis Young

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Assignment 3:

For this assignment we will expand our information that was found within the ACEs study presented within the week 7 forum. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)  found at

The ACEs study presents a number of ideas, studies, conclusions that the student can choose from as the basis of their paper. This paper will develop any idea of interest and expand in greater detail and take that idea far enough to also draw conclusions. This paper needs to explain how the idea you selected impacts children, and demonstrates specific factual societal behaviors that can be changed to benefit children. Your conclusions would be aligned with those desired changes to benefit children.

Students will start their paper with an abstract that identifies the topics to be discussed. The body of the paper will include sequential ideas that are factually supported with in-text citations. The paper will end with a conclusion that pulls together the ideas presented within the paper that includes those changes needed to benefit children. A reference page will follow- all written in correct APA format.

This attached paper will be submitted in RTF or MS word format only!


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