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Investment Advisors, Inc., is a brokerage firm that manages stock portfolios for a number of clients. A particular portfolio consists of U shares of U.S. Oil and H shares of Huber Steel. The annual return for U.S. Oil is $3 per share and the annual return for Huber Steel is $5 per share. U.S. Oil sells for $25 per share and Huber Steel sells for $50 per share. The portfolio has $80,000 to be invested. The portfolio risk index (0.50 per share of U.S. Ol and 0.25 per share for Huber Steel) has a maximum of 700. In addition, the portfolio is limted to a maximum of 1000 shares of U.S. Oil. The liner programming formulation that will maximize the total annual return of the portfolio is as follows:


Max                    3U + 5H                                                                                       Maximize total annual return


                      25U +  50H less than or equal to 80,000                                        Funds available

                      0.50U  +   0.25D less than or equal to 700                                     Risk maximum                             

                      1U less than or equal to 1000                                                         U.S. Oil maximum

                       U, H greater than or equal to 0   


Grading Rubric is as follow:


1. Write down or copy/paste the complete problem narrative.


2. Show your Lindo model. (25 points)


3. Show your Lindo output. (25 points)


4. Answer all questions pertaining to the problem. (25 points)

5. Complete using just ONE Microsoft Word document.






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