Write a 450 words economic paper by watching a TV movie “Too Big to Fail”(2011)

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watch a TV movie “Too Big to Fail” (2011) write a paper by answer these questions:

  1. The Fed did not bail out Lehman Brothers and let them fail but they did not let AIG fail and ended up saving them. Why?
  2. Why was the Troubled Asset Relief Program money so crucial and urgently needed?
  3. How did Henry Paulson realize that the crisis had spread to the production industry and started affecting the real sector? (Tip: It was a phone call)
  4. And I want you to discuss who can be blamed for all of this caos and why.

You can use this link : http://www.veoh.com/watch/v221685298RyH4XC5

Please use your own words ,i dont need reference,and do not plagiarise,Thanks

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