NR534 week 2 IP

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  Week 2: Leadership Styles and Personality Types: Impact on Communication – Collaborative Group 3

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Part 1: Individual Identity your leadership style and personality typology using the following instruments: Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid: Leadership Self-Assessement Questionnaire: (Links to an external site.) Personality Typology Profile: (Links to an external site.) Discuss the dominant leadership style and personality type of each group member and compare the similarities and differences related to the steps of the communication cycle/feedback loop.

Part 2: With Your Group Suppose your group is an ad hoc task force charged with finding a solution for reducing call-outs by staff. Based on what you’ve learned about the communication attributes of each other, create a scenario that depicts how you envision communication and collaboration on this project among this group. Discuss what considerations might be taken based on how the different members give and receive information.

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