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MUST DO THe THE INITIAL POST – Discuss some of the community efforts and public relations activities that your organization (or one that you research) develops to create a positive image for their brand. Are they effective?

Please respond to classmate discussion below:

I work for a large medical institution/university that is right in the center of a high crime area in Maryland. Many of the children in the urban area struggle in many areas, mostly learning. So the institution decided to get involved in helping the youth become successful, by implementing a program called, The Tutorial Project. The students at the university arranged transportation for about 200 children twice a week each semester to help with reading and math, as a result of this program, teachers have seen process with test score and the students confidence has risen. In addition, the institution/university has decided to create summer job positions, hiring the youth who live in the community. Employing the youth who live in the community can build relationships and self-worth along with opportunities and foster trust on both sides.

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