business plan for a company s human resource department assignment help

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write a part of the business plan for a company’s human resource department. based on those info below.
1.Our company was formed on the 28th Of October 2016
2.We are a small group of College students that got together to form a local flight school to teach new pilots in the Bay Area.
3.We purchased our first plane (Cessna 172 SkyHawk 1955)
4.Competing with other small Flight Schools in the local area.
5.Currently a lot of new up and coming pilots wanting to learn how to fly
6.Being in San Jose links us directly to SJSU’s Aviation Department.

7.Recruiting/Hiring (Future Hire)
8.Employee Relations
9.Staff Events to boost moral and company cohesion. (Weekly Staff Meetings)
10.Social Media (Create and Monitor Social Media Sites)
11.Discounted Flight Days? To get people in the door!
12.Evaluates Employee Performance (Quarterly Performance Reviews)
13.Marketing to New Potential Customers
(Who is our competition? Flying 20’s, Squadron 2, West Valley (Palo Alto), and Sundance (Palo Alto) SJSU Aviation Students (Student Discount?)

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