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This is a group project – you are in the same groups that you have been in.  Please select a new team leader by Monday at midnight and let me know who the team leader is.  You may use your existing pages, and add a new discussion page to  discuss this week’s case. 

This chapter talks about leadership, and that’s what our group project is about this week.

 Your group’s job this week is to prepare a powerpoint that identifies a current BUSINESS  leader  for each of the following leadership styles:  1) Charismatic leadership 2) Transformational Leadership  3) Transactional Leadership   4) Servant leadership.  There should be 2 slides per leader – 1 slide that has a photo and a short bio, and the 2nd slide that has bullet points with at least three reasons this leader has been identified as either your charismatic, transformational, transactional or servant leadership model.  Your total presentation should be 9-10 slides (include a reference slide).

Please note that we are discussing business leaders – not political leaders.

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