Business Feasibility Plan

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My city it is Phoenix, Arizona, you can do business feasibility plan to this city

and you can open the file, you can follow the require.

Thanks so much

Business Feasibility Plan

With the section 1 assignments completed you now have a good idea of the direction you intend to take in developing your business plan.

You have conducted some initial research but more is needed to further define the business so that important decisions you will make in section 3 are based on facts not guesses.

The section concludes with you presenting your findings and decisions about the business to your peers for their review and thoughts for improvements.

This project section contains the following assignment areas:

  1. Sample Businesses; Rationale, Menus, General Information
  2. Decision Making Process – Bubble Sheet
  3. PowerPoint (Pictures Only)
  4. Develop a Mission Statement for your Business
  5. PowerPoint / Videos Executive Summary for Peer Review


(1)Sample Businesses

Note: This section will be submitted as part of the final research written paper and in the last part of this project section [5. PowerPoint / Videos Executive Summary for Peer Review].

Based on your initial research in section 1, identify and suggest (3) three sample real business that best depicts your vision of the Concept Theme.

The suggested sample business must have a website with both food & beverage menus with pricing available.

For each sample business provide the following elements and information:

  1. A rationale statement which describes your reason for selecting each of the sample business.
  2. A hyperlink to the sample business websites.
  3. Links or files of the F&B menu offerings from the businesses.

(2)Decision Making Process

Note: This section will be submitted to the assignment links in the weekly folders and utilized in the last part of this project section [5. PowerPoint / Videos Executive Summary for Peer Review].

You will begin to develop your food and beverage business utilizing proven business planning techniques and an investor viewpoint (…the ability to create a profitable business). This means, as an example; decisions regarding inclusion and exclusion of menu offerings (F&B), products, activities, and locations will be purely based on the established target customer’s needs and wants and the supporting research which confirms that all the elements exist, working in concert to achieve the established business goals.

Your “opinion” has no relevance to the business decisions. You must prove based on research (the assignments from week 1-4) that the decisions are based on facts from, text books, reports, articles, and databases as examples.

Utilizing the project bubble sheet form [available in the Term Project Area], you will fill in the sheet and discuss the details surrounding your first set of business decisions; Theme-Concept, Target Guest, and Geographic Location. You will only develop these inner bubbles now. You will revise and submit subsequent decisions later in the term. See page one of the sheet for an example of an expanded model.

Keep in mind you have conducted significant research on the geographic location, and have a good idea of who (as defined through demographics) lives in the area. You even know based on certain demographics what types of F&B are likely to be popular with certain sub-sets of the target market.

The planning sheets will be submitted to the appropriate assignment links and utilized in the last part of this section.

You must supply references throughout this and subsequent discussion and revisions to your plan; as the bubbles expand beyond the first set of three.

(3)PowerPoint (Pictures Only)

Note: This section will be submitted to the assignment links in the weekly folders and utilized in the last part of this project section [5. PowerPoint / Videos Executive Summary for Peer Review].

Can You Visualize the Concept?

In an effort to visualize what your concept is and how every element of the operation depicts, speaks to, enhances, describes, motivates, and inspires?….our intent (mission) to service our target guest and employees and make money I would like you to develop a PowerPoint presentation.

Include pictures only [no words] of every element of the operation. Even the smallest detail should not be overlooked.

Use the following questions as titles for the slides to group your pictures.

What will the food & beverages look like?

What will they be served in or on?

What will staff uniforms look like?

What will the bar look like?

What does a table top or area in front of the guest look like?

What will it look at inside and outside?

Will it look different during lunch and dinner?

What makes the concept unique?

What is the signature food item?

What is the signature beverage item?

The more details you can include in this exercise the easier decisions about the operation become (Section 3 of the project)

(4)Develop a Mission Statement and Name for your Business

Note: This section will be submitted as part of the final research written paper and in the last part of this project section [6. PowerPoint / Videos Executive Summary for Peer Review].

Mission Statement

Based on the extensive data you have collected in this and previous sections you will develop a mission statement.

For this section in the written research project you will include the following topics for research and discussion citing credible sources as a foundation to develop your business mission statement.

What is the purpose of a mission statement?

How are mission statement’s developed?

Provide the mission statements and core values from your chosen sample businesses [part 1 of this section].

Create you mission statement

Business Name

Based on mission statement, concept theme, location and target customer suggest a name for your business.

Conduct a google search are there any other existing businesses using the same name? What types of concepts are they?

Make a decision on the final business name and support your decision with a rationale stating what facts support this decision.

You should include the mission statement and explanation in the final part of this section.

(5)PowerPoint / Videos Executive Summary for Peer Review

Note: This section will be submitted as part of the final research written paper and submitted to assignment link provided in the weekly folder.

Format for this Section

For this section of the project you will develop a presentation which summarizes the research and development of your food and beverage business to this point in the term.

The purpose of the assignment is to allow you to present your findings and acquire feedback from fellow learners and the instructor.

The presentation will be submitted to the discussion board as a weekly assignment over a two weeks.

You will be required in week 1 to submit your presentations and in week 2 review and offer specific comments for improvement.

You may choose (1) of the following formats for your presentation.

  1. A self -narrated PowerPoint presentation.
  2. A prerecorded video presentation.

Note: The presentation must be able to be uploaded as a file or a link provided without any additional registration needed so fellow students and the instructor can view the assignment easily.

Instructions for this Section

The Executive summary should serve as an introduction to the entire business venture keying on the important aspects from each project section that would excite an investor into giving you money to execute the project.

The executive summary should entice investors to read on…..meaning it would be included at the beginning of your prospectus. The summary should include meaningful and significant facts from each section that differentiate or leverage this business plans success.

The summary should address the following points as an introduction based on your research, project sections and assignments to this point in the term:

  • Appropriateness of Name to Overall Concept.
  • Appropriateness of Mission Statement.
  • Clearly identifies; What is it.
  • Clearly identifies; Who it is for.
  • Clearly identifies; What is being sold? Specifically, how and why.
  • Clearly identifies; Where it is located and why.
  • Clearly identifies; What it looks like and why; operationally.
  • Clearly identifies; Unique aspects that differentiate the concept.

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